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  ProTitleUSA - a leader in Nationwide Title Search Market, servicing both residential and commercial performing and distressed asset space. We have multiple office locations throughout the county: Southampton PA (Headquarters), Middletown RI, Tucson AZ, Jacksonville, FL, Orange County CA and Montgomery TX, at the same time, we have a network of licensed abtstractors and attorneys nationwide in each state, each county. ProTitleUSA is an industry leader in asset portfolio analysis by means of title dashboard on single spreadsheet reporting and analyzing each asset in portfolio together with exam, quality control and analysis of data for the whole asset portfolio due diligence or monitoring.

ProTitleUSA is now offering an automated flexible exist strategy analysis dashboard for 1st position loan portfolios.

ProTitleUSA is the only vendor on the market to offer a $1.00/asset search for 2nd position liens to report unsecured assets, as well as, a low cost 2nd position secured vs unsecured search.

Meet Our Management Team:

Alex Goldovsky, CEO, Published Author, Educator

Alex Goldovsky, Founder and CEO of ProTitleUSA - a leader in Nationwide Residential and Commercial Title Search, Analysis and Due Diligence Market, Consecutive 4 years INC5000 company. A mastermind behind a number of leading products in the title research industry, Alex is also a highly sought after speaker on real estate investment and title specific seminars, radio and work groups. Alex has a Master's Degree and holds 9 US Patents.

Veronica Sones, Customer Onboarding and Project Manager

Veronica is a true expert in verifying portfolio level title data to meet clients requirements. She is also responsible for development of new features and options on title and tax dashboards to meet clients data mining and financial modeling needs. Veronica's prior experience includes generating BPO and External and Internal Appraisal Reports for banking industry.

Yaroslav Levchenko, Vice President of Information Technology

Yaroslav is a true architecture and development wizard. He is responsible for feature development and deployment for our clients as well as architecture of future generation products in works by ProTitleUSA.

Erika Wrzeszczynski, Director of Operations

Erika Wrzeszczynski, Director of Operations - a highly experienced operations professional that makes our office tick like a clock. Erika is heading Quality Control, Customer Support, Vendor Management, Dashboard and Title Exam Departments as well as Accounting department. Erika has prior managing positions and functions prior to joining ProTitleUSA. Erika is located in our Southampton PA office.

Jillian Wrzeszczynski, Director of Searching Department

Jillian Wrzeszczynski, Director of Searching Department - the most knowledgeable title examiner on the nationwide market. Jill is coordinating searching activities between all ProTitleUSA offices. Jillian holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History. Jillian is is located in our Southampton PA office.

Kayla Kesson, AZ Branch Manager and Client Issue Resolution

Kayla brings years in searching and management experience to the title industry. She is heading the AZ, UT and RI offices and plays a key role in client issue resolutions. Kayla is located in our Middletown, RI office.

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Phone:(888) 878-8081
Fax: (888) 524-5996