Full Title Search Description

Full Title Search is a great option for REO, bank owned properties, foreclosure auctions and title reports where its important to receive all copies pertaining to the Title including copies for any outstanding liens (only those filled in county records/circuit court), mortgages, assignments, deeds (going back two out of family transactions), judgments, tax status recorded against the property, current and prior owners.

ProTitleUSA performs chain of title information search going 2 owners out of family, mortgage and assignment search, federal, state and municipal lien search, HoA (Home Association) lien search recorded at the county level, Civil judgment search including Foreclosure Proceedings at the civil court, as well as, tax delinquency status. All of the Property related information is captured on the summary page. The exception is for cases where the civil or municipal searches are performed as an additional service and not in the scope of Title search Report (ex. Superior Court searches in NJ, City of Jacksonville FL muni lien searches, All-Street search in NY metro, Tax Warrants in IN).

All relevant document copies are included in this plan (one of the major differences from Current Owner Search).

To place an order for a Full Title Title search, enter the address of the property in the order form on the main page. Select the Full Title Search service.

This search is only applicable to residential properties.