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Foreclosure Reports, Property Reports, Attorney Certification and Title Opinion

ProTitleUSA offers the following types of property reports for real estate attorneys, lenders and title companies geared towards complex foreclosure Title examination and interpretation:

Title Opinion on any property nationwide

ProTitleUSA will deliver a flexible and custom tailored to client's requirements Opinion on Title on any nationwide property.

The following is a part of our standard Title Opinion Report including the COMPLETE copies of the following:

• 30-year chain of title or developer forward
• Copy of client's recorded mortgage and property description (exhibit A)
• Copies of any and all assignments of this mortgage
• Copies of any and all judgments, liens or other mortgages which affect the property and/or the property owners
• Copies of all current and delinquent tax bills. If unavailable, any documentation of amounts due
• Copies of any title lien statements regarding any mobile homes which may be on the property
• Copies of any UCC filings, such as fixture filings, which affect the real property
• If a judgment lien is filed, we obtain a copy of the complaint with that same number.

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Foreclosure Report on any property nationwide

We will help you interpret Title Search by means of Foreclosure Report on any nationwide property determining and clearly showing the lien positioning, liens that remain with the property and liens that will be wiped out after foreclosure auction. These reports are most valuable for Lenders, Foreclosing Attorneys and Foreclosure Defense attorneys to determine the loan positioning, parties involved and to be involved in the foreclosure process with related document copies to provide the names and contact information and finally examination of 30-year chain of title to verify the ownership structure before or after the foreclosure auctions.

Property Reports are also available to lenders, attorney's and title companies.

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Attorney Certification and Attorney Review

ProTitleUSA is connected to a network of licensed attorneys nationwide that would provide our client's with attorney review on any of our Title Searches.