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ProTitleUSA offers a variety of additional services not listed on the home page, but are essential for a number of markets.

2nd Position Mortgage and Assignment search with check on Foreclosure for 1st position Mortgage (Nationwide BULK rate fee - $55.00 order by phone or e-mail only - 888-878-8081):

This product is used to determine if the 2nd position mortgage is a secured or unsecured loan.

Product includes:
1. Search of 2nd position mortgage and related assignments (we provide pert pages of mortgage and all assignments)

2. Search for 1st position mortgage for:
    a. Was 1st position mortgage foreclosed? If yes, we include a copy of the trustee's (or foreclosure) deed.
    b. Is the 1st position mortgage in active foreclosure based on public records? If yes, we abstract the Lis Pendens or Foreclosure related information.

3. Search for change of ownership which makes the loan unsecured:
    a. Tax Sale Deed
    b. Municipal Sale Deed
    c. Court Order Transfer (Quite Title, Bankruptcy Court, etc...)
    d. US Government Deed

Mortgage and Assignment Search (Nationwide BULK fee - $50.00 order by phone or e-mail only - 888-878-8081):

    ProTitleUSA will search a specific mortgage (Deed of Trust) and any related assignments to the specific Mortgage;
    Pertinent pages of the mortgage and all assignments are included;

Statewide Name search ($25.00 per state per name variation - order by phone or e-mail only - 888-878-8081):

    Based on the name provided, ProTitleUSA will search for any properties currently owned by an individual.
    A result of the search is a report with all addresses.

Vesting research and retrieval with copy of the deed(s) ($35.00 residential / $50.00 commercial properties):

    ProTitleUSA will provide a copy of the deed or deeds showing 100% vesting interest for the ownership.
    Optional: Summary page available for the deed information

Bankruptcy search and scrub ($25.00):

    ProTitleUSA will run the bankruptcy search based on the ownership structure of the property..
    ProTitleUSA will review the bankruptcy filings and motions to determine which liens were extinguished by bankruptcy.

Spreadsheet Oder Processing for Corporate Clients:

    For ease of ordering, you may e-mail us property spreadsheet to us for processing. It takes us seconds to process the order independent of number of properties in the spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet Report delivery for Volume orders:

    ProTitleUSA launched the delivery the title reports in single excel spreadsheet.