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Lien Negotiation and Title Curative Product Line - "Lien Doctor"

ProTitleUSA has launched a "Lien Doctor" product line to help the real estate mortgage community outsource some of the key components of the title curative work, such as curing the Title from the liens that would supersede the client's mortgage position or would survive a foreclosure as a lien that would need to be paid off. We offer two models of operation: FLAT fee per lien pricing or a percentage (%) savings off the face value of the lien. Depending on the lien amount, it may be more beneficial for the client to pick one pricing model over the other. ProTitleUSA maintains a network of real estate attorneys in each state for cases where the legal action in court is or maybe required. For example: Strict Foreclosure Action in VT, NY or CT to strip a lien. ProTitleUSA's ability to effectively negotiate the lien comes from our vast experience with both municipal, state and federal real estate law as well as all aspects of the title work, foreclosure, non-performing and performing lien market.

Example of success stories:
ProTitleUSA managed to negotiate a $14,100.00 City of Miami, FL Code Enforcement Lien to $500.00 with condition of passing scheduled property inspection. [Client's Response] Wow, this is unbelievable. Please, coordinate with our Servicer on inspection.

Federal & State Tax Lien Releases
Obtain a release of Federal & State Tax Liens when the foreclosure attorney fails to provide adequate notice of sale.

Early Release of the IRS’s Right of Redemption
Obtain an early release of the IRS’s right of redemption (120 days in most states) when seller has a contract and wishes to sell prior to the expiration of the redemption period.

SBA Loan Releases
Obtain a release of SBA’s 1 year right of redemption after foreclosure and prior to the 1 year expiration period.

Negotiation of all types of releases. We will prepare and obtain execution of a release in order to clear a title defect. We will record the executed document upon request for an additional $50.00 recording fee.

Mechanics’ and Materialmen’s Liens
Negotiate release or payment of mechanics’ and materialmen’s liens. This includes negotiating an amount for payoff and drafting the release. We will record the executed document upon request for an additional $50.00 recording fee.

Judgment Release
Negotiate release or payment of judgment liens when they attach to subject property after foreclosure. We will also draft the release and will record the executed document upon request for an additional $50.00 recording fee.

Redemption after Tax Sales
Negotiate tax sale redemption, prepare and execute the necessary documentation releasing said tax deed. We will record the executed document upon request for an additional $50.00 recording fee.

Title Policy Procurement
Provide us with a prior HUD and or commitment and we will find the policy or have one reissued.

Letter of Indemnity/MIA
After finding the policy, will determine the quickest way to clear the outstanding issue.

Title Claims
After exhausting all avenues of title clearance, will determine the correct documents needed to file a title claim. We will monitor progress with Title Company through to the final resolution of the claim. The end result of the claim will be clear and insurable title.

Strict Foreclosure Action: VT, NY, CT, NJ
ProTitleUSA can assist in filing the Strict Foreclosure Action suit on your behalf In several states to bypass the foreclosure court proceeding to strip a judgment or a lien that was attached as an error on the part of the foreclosing attorney or a Title Company.

Additional Services:
Locating satisfactions nationwide of old mortgages that show up in title reports. We will get satisfactions for banks no longer in existence and for lending institutions that are now defunct and out of business. This is a time consuming service and we promise to provide you with timely updates and will do our best to make sure to stay within dates and deadlines as requested.
(Price to locate commercial will be determined by the work involved in locating the documents)

Please, e-mail us for any additional questions or how to set up a corporate account for the "Lien Doctor" Product Line.