30-Year Title Search Description

Full State Statute Title Search (25,30,40,60-year,etc. based on state statute requirement) is a requirement for Title Insurance, Purchases, Title Opinions and evidence for Marketable Title. If you are planning to use the Title Search for Title Insurance or Purchase, 30-year search type must be ordered.

ProTitleUSA performs chain of title search going back the number of years required by the state to issue title insurance (25,30,40,60-year,etc.. ), open mortgage and assignment search together with all associated mortgage related documents, federal (IRS and DoJ) lien, state tax lien and municipal lien (county level, see Township search for additional description on the municipal liens recorded at township level) search, HoA (Home Owner Association) Lien , Mechanics lien, Real Estate Tax Lien, water/sewer/utility lien as well as civil judgments search recorded at the county level, our Civil judgment search includes Foreclosure Case docket filed at the civil court, as well as, current tax status and tax delinquency status for prior year real estate taxes. All of the Property related information is captured on the summary page. Mortgages are reported in correct position. Liens are tagged based on the lien type. We include copies of deeds, pertinent copies of the open mortgages as well as lien and judgment copies or dockets based on the state and county of the property. The exception is for cases where the civil or municipal searches are performed as an additional service and not in the scope of O&E (Title search) Report (ex. Superior Court searches in NJ, City of Jacksonville FL municipal lien searches, All-Street search in NY metro, Tax Warrants in IN, actual judgment copies in the states with separate court house: Cook County-IL, MD, NC, DE, NY). For volume (bulk) orders over 20, we offer a Tax and Title dashboard in excel which includes the analysis of which liens survive the foreclosure or attach to the property. Please note that we stop at the developer's deed on the 30-year search, as it becomes a commercial search if we have to search through the developer. Additional fee would apply if we will need to search through the PLAT or developer.

30-year search may be ordered online by filling out the title order form on the main page and selecting 30-year search service. The order can be placed over the e-mail, fax or by phone.

This search is only applicable to residential properties.