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Welcome New Clients!
Corporate Overview:

ProTitleUSA is a nationwide Title Search and Analysis company, providing its customers with the highest level of Title services in all areas of the real estate market. One company, nationwide coverage, both commercial and residential title work, equals increased productivity. As a leading Title Search services provider, our advanced technology allows you to order title securely over the internet or secure API, and conveniently view the order status and documentation. This saves you valuable time and money.
Our one mission, to provide the best possible service at the lowest possible cost with highest quality, has allowed us to help our clients grow and prosper.

ProTitleUSA locations:
ProTitleUSA operates out of 4 branches: Holland, PA (Headquarters), Providence RI, Jacksonville FL and Oro Valley, AZ (RI, AZ and FL offices are currently dedicated for Title search and due diligence work only).

Our work flow:
Orders from our clients are processed by e-mail / fax / web entry / secure site / API. We only require an address of the property as a starting point. Our automated order placement system determines county, owners name, Parcel#, assigns a unique order ID, assigns unique client’s requirements to the order and assigns the search to corresponding searcher. We have high level of automation to partition the daily work load by our research facilities. The overflow of the work is going to highly experienced and licensed in-county abstractors which we selected in the course of many years for their accuracy and turn time. Upon completion of the order, the result can be e-mail with secure e-mail, uploaded on client’s server/secure site or results may be delivered through secure API with both PDF and xml/json data delivery.

We have a working relationship with a Nationwide Title companies for Title Insurance, Title Commitments on both residential and commercial assets. Our partner is a nationwide Title Company that underwrites in all 50 states using ProTitleUSA Title searches exclusively for closing, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure Transactions, Refinance and Title Curative. We have been working together for a number of years.

Title Curative Experience:
ProTitleUSA has a separate “Lien Doctor” department that is created for cutting title defects. ProTitleUSA can identify and cure the defects at the same time if the Title Insurance is not required. When Title Commitment is needed or Title Insurance is required, Our partner Title Company will issue an exceptions to Title Policy (identifying the title defects) while ProTitleUSA will cure the defects. ProTitleUSA have been working with a number of servicers to help to cure as well as negotiate the payoff for title liens against the property.

Our Difference:
We work with over 1,500 US-based searchers across the county that work in county offices every day and guarantee us the accuracy and quickest turnaround time on the market. We don’t outsource the search function offshore. Our average turnaround time per residential Title order is 24-48 business hours. In fact, ProTitleUSA considered being the most accurate and fastest Title Company to process highest volume of orders in the shortest span of time. We also carry all of the required licenses and insurance for every jurisdiction.

Additionally, we are capable in providing add-on services on top of the title searches which may be extremely useful for Foreclosure attorneys on nationwide basis:
- Title and Tax Dashboard in Excel with Lien Partitioning, Tax Partitioning, Position Validation
- Title Exam and Underwriting Option for Loan Portfolios
- Lien Curative and Lien Negotiation
- Prior Lien releases for clean the title for DIL, and Foreclosure workflow
- XLS Mortgage data scrub for Document Preparation (Assignments and Releases)
- Portfolio Active Monitoring
- TSG Reports in Judicial States
- Code Violations and Demolition check at the township levels
- Bankruptcy Scrubs
- Tax Sale and Redemption Searchers
- Water and Sewer Balance and Payoff searches
- HOA Name search
- HOA Pay-off search
- Tax only searches
- Mortgage and Assignment searches

Please, call or e-mail us for quote on commercial title searches.

ProTitleUSA.com's comprehensive Title Search Report provides an easy to follow breakdown of ownership information, open mortgages, mortgage assignments, liens, judgments, foreclosure judgments search results as well as tax payment status.
Upcoming ProTitleUSA Conferences and Exhibitions:

We will be attending FiveStar Conference in Dallas, TX on September 16th through 19th. Call us to set up a private demo of our new products.
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Please, visit our booth for a demo, if you are planning to attend the conference.

ProTitleUSA New Technology in 2017:

Key Product Differentiation – Multi-purpose Title Dashboard for Large Portfolios of assets:

ProTitleUSA is the only company that offers Title exam dashboard with title reports and exam at no extra cost. The title exam includes
- Vesting Issues identification
- Subject Mortgage confirmation (Lender / Borrower / Amount / Date)
- Mortgage Position verification
- Assignment break checking (pointing to a link where the assignment chain breaks)
- Active foreclosure identification flag
- Superior lien identification and date partitioning (HOA, IRS, DOJ, State Tax, Muni/City/County Liens, Real Estate Tax liens, Mechanic’s Liens)
- Senior / Junior Judgment date sorting
- Complete Tax Status breakdown with delinquent and sold taxes
- Tax Deed redemption schedules
- Tax Mortgages, Tax Certs, Forfeited taxes
- Shortest Time to Tax Deed per state statue

The goal of our dashboard is to absorb any and all complexities, costs, federal and state laws, new regulations, market value variations, prior experiences, REO assets time on the market, NPL time to foreclose, not only in each state but on the county-by-county asset-by-asset granular basis.

The product is designed for both large loan sales as well as large asset sales. A number of clients use our dashboard for qualifying each asset for:
- Foreclosure / REO
- Short-sale
- Modification (HAMP, etc…)
- Asset Sale

Additionally, our product can be used for verifying asset pools for new servicing requirements by FMNA and FRD for NPL sales or new CFPB regulations.

What We Stand For|Who We Are

Accuracy is everything in the title search business... ProTitleUSA has been in the Title Search business for over 15 years and performed tens of thousands of title searches. ProTitleUSA Title Search Team is extremely experienced with foreclosure and bank owned properties (REO), working closely with a number of attorneys, real estate investors, bank and insurance representatives, private lien holders, asset managers, contractors and builders, accountants, government and home buyers in all 50 states. Our Title Search Service is used for Refinance, Foreclosure Transaction, FSBO, Short Sale, Checking for Clear Title, REO, Bank Owned Properties, Purchases, Title Opinion or Title Insurance. One of the reasons to run a Title search would be to determine what debts and obligations exist against the current and/or previous owner and, in turn, if the property has a clear title. Title Search on the pre- or post- Foreclosure Property is a MUST. Many liens may stay with the property (or the owner) after the ownership change or some liens or judgments may reverse the foreclosure sale. Read More about our services in the "Read More" section.