Bankruptcy Search for 1st Liens

An in-depth Bankruptcy Search can be ordered by itself or integrated with the Tax & Title Dashboard.

The Bankruptcy Search for 1st Liens includes:
  1. Bankruptcy search overall score
  2. UPB comparison of bankruptcy filing against data tape
  3. Bankruptcy proof of claim review
  4. Monthly payment review
  5. Secure lien analysis: HOA, tax liens, utility/city liens and title comparison
  6. Verification if subject property is not included in the bankruptcy
  7. Bankruptcy plan and motion review for subject mortgage enforceability
  8. Borrower claimed value review
  9. Bankruptcy plan payments review
  10. Transfer of claim lender's name review
  11. Cram down review
  12. Income to expense review to project the successful completion of bankruptcy plan

There is a huge benefit of Title & Tax integration with bankruptcy results as it marries the secured lien data (taxes, HOA dues, utilities and city liens) with title. It validates important items on the data tape to make sure that bankruptcy assets are presented accurately.

Please contact us for nationwide pricing and a demo on how an in-depth bankruptcy search will fit into a single dashboard, portfolio underwriting and analysis of data.

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