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Washington is the 18th-largest state and the 13th-most populous state with nearly 8.8 million residents. Its capital is Olympia, and Seattle is its largest city. Most of Washington’s inhabitants reside in the Seattle metropolitan area, as it is the hub of transportation and business.

How does a Property Title Search affect my homebuying process in Washington?

The results of a title search could easily sway your decision to purchase a specific property. Title defects and liens on the property will be listed on the report. Certain unpaid liens like municipal liens or delinquent taxes will become your responsibility to pay, even though they were never your debt. If the property is not free and clear, you may not wish to purchase it after all. 

The Cost of Title Searches in Washington

Type of Search


O&E Report (Residential)


Two Owner Search (Residential)


30-Year Search (Residential)


Title Update


Deed Search


Commercial O&E Report


Price depends on the county; lowest price shown. Prices are subject to change.

Title Search in Washington

The Pros and Cons of DIY Property Title Search in Washington

The only pro to conducting a property title search yourself is that you’ll save a little money up front. But, down the road, you risk exposing yourself to having to pay thousands of dollars. Experienced abstractors are familiar with all the many document types which vary from state to state, and even county to county. They have knowledge of the impact of such documents and how they can affect the property. They are also well versed in how to locate crucial information which can be indexed a number of ways by each county.

The Role of Trustee Sale Guarantee in Washington During Foreclosure

In Washington, a Trustee Sale Guarantee (TSG) facilitates the lender in executing a non-judicial foreclosure when a borrower defaults on their loan payments. The TSG provides:

  • The legal description and title status of the property
  • Documentation of Mortgages or Deeds of Trust
  • Details on liens and other encumbrances
  • Current status of property taxes and any bankruptcies
  • List of individuals and entities to be notified of the foreclosure proceedings
  • A designated newspaper for legal publications regarding the foreclosure
  • The city or judicial district where the property is located

Laws regarding foreclosure processes and notice requirements can differ by state.

Judgments in Washington

While some judgments in Washington are recorded in land records, they can also be filed in court records. It’s important to search for judgments, liens and foreclosure cases in both registries. 

Frequently Asked Questions
from Customers in Washington

So, why should I conduct a title search in Washington?

Picture this: you're buying a house. It's like buying a car, you wouldn't want to find out there's a lien on it after you've paid, right? A title search ensures there are no hidden issues with the property's history that could bite you in the back later.

Do I have to get my hands dirty doing a title search, or can someone do it for me?

You might be relieved to know that you don't have to do it yourself! There are professionals known as title companies that do this digging for you. They navigate the maze of public records and documents to make sure your investment is safe. Easy peasy, right?

What kind of spooky surprises can a title search uncover?

Oh boy, you won't believe the skeletons a title search can unearth! It can reveal unpaid taxes, easements, liens or legal judgments against the property. Basically, it's like the detective of real estate, solving mysteries before they become your problem.

How long does this title search thing usually take?

A thorough title search can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

What happens if a problem pops up in the title search?

Say, you find a lien on the property that wasn't paid off. Scary, huh? But don't worry, this doesn't mean the end of your home-buying journey. Usually, these issues get resolved before the sale. Just consider it as one more hurdle in the exciting race towards homeownership!

Does title insurance come into play here?

Spot on! Title insurance is your knight in shining armor if a title issue slips through the cracks. It protects you from future claims against the property. Think of it like a safety net. So, even if a long-lost heir shows up claiming the property, you won't lose sleep!


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