Commercial Full State Statute Search (Nationwide) with Taxes and Copies

  • - Title search from the present going back in the chain of title per state statute
    • a. Deed chain review
    • b. Open mortgages and all pertaining documents
    • c. Judgments against the property and owner(s)
    • d. Liens against the property and owner(s)
    • e. Tax Information
    • f. Easements, ROWs, agreements and CCRs with amendments
    • g. Plat map(s) and recorded surveys
    • h. Civil Court search with Foreclosure Case search
  • - Pertinent pages of documents
  • - Tax Information for all jurisdictions collecting
  • - Title Summary Page (PDF format, can be customized per client)
  • Per State inclusions:
    • - NY: ECB, DoB, Sidewalk Violations, State Tax Liens, Lis Pendens Copies, Civil Judgment search
    • - NJ: Upper Court Judgment search
    • - UT: State Tax Liens search
    • - PA: Child Support and Prothonotary Judgment search
    • - IN: Civil Court and State Tax Lien search
    • - FL: Miami Dade Code Violation search
    • - MD: Department of Wills search

  • - Extra fee for Tax Certificates (if required in selected townships) in NY, MA, NJ, PA
    • ✷ State Statute searches require special placement. Please contact our offices via phone or email for more information.

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