2nd Position Mortgage and Assignment Search

with Check on Foreclosure for 1st Position Mortgage

This product is used to determine if the 2nd position mortgage is a secured or unsecured loan.

    Product includes:
  • 1. Search of 2nd position mortgage and related assignments

  • 2. Search for 1st position mortgage for:
    • a. Was 1st position mortgage foreclosed? If yes, we include a copy of the trustee's (or foreclosure) deed.
    • b. Is the 1st position mortgage in active foreclosure based on public records? If yes, we abstract the Lis Pendens or foreclosure-related information.

  • 3. Search for change of ownership which makes the loan unsecured:
    • a. Tax Sale Deed
    • b. Municipal Sale Deed
    • c. Court Order Transfer (Quiet Title, Bankruptcy Court, etc.)
    • d. US Government Deed
  • Pertinent pages of documents
  • Title Summary Page (PDF format, or can be customized per client)
  • Information available through API or spreadsheet
    • Ask us about:
    • Nationwide Flat Rate
    • Title Dashboard
    • Additional Services
    • Additional Search Insurance Wrapper
    • Curative Services
    • Branding Options

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