Update Search

What is an Update Search?

An Update, also known as a bring-down, is a continuation of a previously completed title search. The purpose is to capture anything that has been recorded since the time of the last search.

What is included in an Update Search?

The Update will be a title search from the effective date of the prior ProTitleUSA report through the present effective date. The report will include the following items, provided they are recorded during the update period:
  • Newly recorded deeds
  • Newly recorded mortgages along with any associated documents
  • Newly recorded associated documents including satisfactions for any previously reported mortgages
  • Newly recorded judgments and liens against the property and/or owner(s)
  • Newly recorded releases for any previously reported judgments and liens
  • Tax Status

Can I order an Update on any title search?

An Update can only be ordered on prior ProTitleUSA reports that were completed within the last year. If the original ProTitleUSA report was completed more than a year ago, an upgrade would be required.

How is the report delivered?

The report is delivered in PDF format and includes an easy-to-read summary sheet along with pertinent pages of all documents that were found during the scope of the search. The summary sheet will clearly indicate the search period of the report.

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