Township Search for Unrecorded Liens with Demolition Check

What is a Township Search?

While a standard title search will provide liens that are recorded in county records, a Township Search checks municipalities to locate unrecorded liens.

What does the Township Search include?

  • Code Enforcement Violations
  • Building Violations
  • Open/Expired Permits
  • Demolition Check
  • Real Estate and Tangible Taxes
  • Municipal Lien Letters
  • Unrecorded Municipal Lien Payoffs
  • Special Assessments
  • Utilities (water, sewer, stormwater, solid waste)
  • A summary report highlighting all search results

How long does a Township Search take?

A Township Search can take up to four weeks as we are dealing directly with municipalities and following their individual procedures.

What is the cost of a Township Search?

The base price of a Township Search is $75; however, if the municipality itself charges for a township search, the extra fee is passed on to the client.

Is the Township Search a standalone product?

A Township Search can be ordered by itself or as an add-on to an O&E search. The information from the Township Search may be ported into a Tax & Title dashboard for an all-in-one portfolio review. Typically, this service is ordered in combination with the Tax Sale and Redemption Search and Water/Sewer Search. ProTitleUSA also offers VPR (Vacant Property Registration) and Foreclosure Registration Searches at an additional fee in select states.

Please contact us for nationwide pricing and a demo on how other additional services will fit into a single dashboard, portfolio underwriting and analysis of data.

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