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What is a Document Search and Retrieval versus a Document Retrieval?

We can provide a requested document regardless if we’re supplied with the book/page or instrument number. If the book/page or instrument number is not provided to us, we can conduct a Document Search and Retrieval to obtain a copy of the requested document using whatever other information is given to us. The average cost of this service is $35.00 provided that the document is recorded in land records. The price will vary depending on a number of factors such as the age of the document and if it’s filed as part of a court case rather than in public land records. If the book/page or instrument number is given to us, this is treated as a Document Retrieval and we can provide the document at a cheaper rate.

What is a Probate Search?

A Probate Search, also referred to as a Surrogate Search, is used to locate and provide the copies filed in an estate case of a deceased individual. This search can be ordered by contacting our office via phone or email.
The following information will be required:
  • State and county of the deceased
  • Name of the deceased, including middle name or initial if available
  • Date of death or year that the case was filed, if known

What Other Additional Search Products are Offered?

ProTitleUSA is always adding innovative products and services to suit our clients’ ever changing needs. Below are additional search products that we offer. If you need a complete title search, please read more about our O&E Report and Two Owner Title Searches.

Statewide Name Search

This search is conducted on a specific name or entity to obtain a list of properties associated with the name in a single state. The state being searched as well as the person or entity must be provided. Results are limited to the most recent assessor updates on ownership and may not reflect recent sales or incorrect spellings in the assessment office.

UCC Secretary of State Search

This search is conducted on a specific name or entity for UCCs filed at the state level. The state being searched as well as the person or entity must be provided.

Attorney Certification

This service is available for properties in NC, SC and LA. The title and copies will be reviewed by an attorney licensed in the state of the property. The search package will include an attorney signed letter approving the report and findings.

Superior Court Judgment Search

Some NJ judgments and liens as well as foreclosure court dockets are recorded in Superior Court, and are available through a separate search called "Superior Court Judgment Search". We offer an unofficial Superior Court Judgment Search as part of the title search, and an official search through Charles Jones at an additional fee.

Tax Certificates

Some jurisdictions in NY, MA, NJ and PA will only provide the tax status of a property via a tax certificate. We order these directly from the tax collector. Cook County, IL redemption certificates for delinquent taxes can be ordered through this service as well. Results can take up to two weeks.

Puerto Rico Current Owner Search

A search of the title based on the legal description provided for any property located in Puerto Rico. Copies are not included in the report, only the abstract. Additionally, the tax information in Puerto Rico is not available without full Social Security Number (SSN) of the owner. Our Puerto Rican title searches will be in Spanish; however, we can also deliver an English version as part of the package at no additional cost.

Expedite Service

The standard turn time for our reports is generally within 72 business hours; however, ProTitleUSA understands that not everyone is able to wait that long. For those in need of a title report faster, we offer an expedited service for an additional $35. An expedited report will be delivered in four business hours after the order is placed.

Full Legal Typing

Our reports will contain the short legal description referenced on the assessor’s page; however, we can type the vesting deed’s full legal description for an additional fee. The full legal can be typed onto our run sheet which is delivered in PDF format

HOA Search

A search of a specific homeowner’s association that will include all applicable documents such as the by-laws, restrictions, declarations, amendments and plats

RPL/NPL Securitization Reports (without a need for credit and compliance)

ProTitleUSA will generate a 15E form based on the title updates from the prior orders and prepare Attestation and Reliance Letter for rating agency.

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