Tax Sale & Redemption Search and Water/Sewer Balance Search

What is a Tax Sale and Redemption Search?

A Tax Sale and Redemption Search is a re-verification of taxes by contacting the treasurer's office directly to accurately capture the payoff amount for delinquent taxes, as well as to advise the process for redemption of the tax sale or tax deed (if applicable) to avoid losing the mortgage.

The Tax Sale and Redemption service can be integrated into the All-in-One Tax & Title Dashboard which will include:
  • Tax Status
  • Accurate delinquent tax amount payoff
  • Tax sale date (if scheduled)
  • Remaining redemption period
  • Process of redemption
  • Last date to redeem
  • Minimum amount to redeem

Additional fees may apply if Tax Certificates must be ordered to retrieve the information.

What is a Water/Sewer Balance and Payoff Search?

Water and sewer balances, which are not recorded as a lien in the county, can attach to the property in about 50% of townships nationwide. Additionally, in the city of Philadelphia for an example, gas service balances will also attach to the property from the prior owners. This service is focused to provide an up-to-date balance and payoff information.

Please contact us for a demo on how other additional services will fit into a single dashboard, portfolio underwriting and analysis of data.

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