How Does a Title Search Request Work?

Once you place the Title Search order through ProTitleUSA website, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that the order was placed with a preassigned Order ID. Your title is researched and examined by ProTitleUSA's team (or a real estate attorney if an Attorney Certification in NC, SC, LA is ordered) and sent to you in PDF format by email.

Orders from our clients are processed by email / fax / web entry / secure site / API. We only require an address of the property as a starting point. Our automated order placement system determines county, owner's name and parcel. It also assigns a unique order ID, assigns unique client requirements to the order and assigns the search to corresponding searcher.

We have a high level of automation to partition the daily workload by our research facilities. The overflow of the work is going to highly experienced and licensed in-county abstractors which we selected in the course of many years for their accuracy and turn time. Upon completion of the order, the result can be sent via secure email, uploaded on client’s server/secure site or results may be delivered through secure API with both PDF and xml/json data delivery.

We have a working relationship with nationwide title companies for title insurance and title commitments on both residential and commercial assets. Our partner is a nationwide title company that underwrites in all 50 states using ProTitleUSA title searches exclusively for closing, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure transactions, Refinance and Title Curative.

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