Our Team

Alex Goldovsky

Alex, Founder and CEO of ProTitleUSA, is the mastermind behind a number of leading products in the title research industry. He is a highly sought after speaker on real estate investment and title-specific seminars, radio shows and work groups. Alex has a Master’s Degree and holds nine U.S. Patents.

Yaroslav Levchenko, Vice President of Information Technology
Yaroslav Levchenko

Yaroslav is a master of technological innovations. He is responsible for system maintenance, and the development and deployment of custom features designed specifically for our clients. Yaro is the drive behind the architecture of future generation products in the works for ProTitleUSA.

Erika Wrzeszczynski, Director of Vendor Management
Erika Wrzeszczynski

Erika is a highly experienced professional and is an expert in multi-tasking. Erika has extensive prior managerial experience which has contributed to her success with our company. Erika is located in our Southampton, PA office.

Jillian Wrzeszczynski, Director of the Title Research Department
Jillian Wrzeszczynski

Jillian is one of the most knowledgeable title examiners in the industry. She is well versed in all aspects of title searching, lending her to be our go-to person for any and all search-related inquiries. Jillian also implements search procedures stemming from her vast knowledge in state specific standards nationwide. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History. Jill is located in our Southampton, PA office.

Kayla Kesson

Kayla brings years of experience in title search and management. Her title search knowledge has led her to become familiar with title issues that can arise and the methods to resolve them. She also assists with the company’s blog, website content, and promotional material. Kayla is located in our Arizona office.

Veronica Rudan, Client On-Boarding, Delivery and Relationship Manager
Veronica Sones

Veronica is an expert in verifying portfolio level title data to meet client requirements. She is also responsible for the development of new features on title/tax dashboards used to tailor data specific to each client’s unique requirements. Veronica’s prior experience includes generating BPO and External/Internal Appraisal Reports for the banking industry.

Suzanne Kessler, Managing Director, Operations
Suzanne Kessler

Suzanne oversees our Accounting Department. Her precise attention to detail and strong organizational skills allow all transactions to run seamlessly. Suzanne is responsible for making sure our business practices comply with corporate standards. She implements and enforces policies that keep ProTitleUSA’s processes operating in a legal and ethical manner. Suzanne is located in our Southampton, PA office.

Dev Bhadouria, Township Search and Staffing Manager
Dev Bhadouria

Dev is our Unrecorded Municipal Liens Search and Staffing Manager. He is responsible for recruiting and providing each department resources as needed across all three companies: ProTitleUSA, DocSolutionUSA and One Diligence, LLC. He is skilled in providing the best and most experienced staff to our company. Dev also manages our Unrecorded Municipal Liens Search Department. He creates and implements the processes and procedures while ensuring the clients are provided with the best quality report. With his knowledge in the field, he is able to provide insight to clients on how unrecorded municipal liens search findings can affect them.

Shannon Atcheson, Quality Control Manager
Shannon Atcheson

Shannon is our Quality Control Manager. She ensures our Quality Control Department is trained beyond industry standards to provide optimum quality products. She is responsible for implementing controls and requirements in our quality control policies and procedures. With her many years of experience in the field, she is constantly monitoring how to improve the processes and reviews new issues that occur in the industry that may affect our clients.

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