Commercial Assets

Commercial Assets, Land Acquisition & Development, Mobile Home Parks, Cell Towers, Solar, Oil and Gas, Electric.

ProTitleUSA gets involved in many commercial projects spanning across endless industries. A major part of our business is due diligence on commercial asset purchases with tax/title analysis in the form of dashboard and/or API interface. We were involved in projects for pipeline companies in the oil and gas industry, as well as The Boring Company's City of Chicago Tunnel Project. We research mobile parks, timeshares, churches, cell tower site development, lease renewal projects, wire line installation projects for Verizon FIOS, solar installations, charging stations for electric cars, and many more.

  1. Commercial O&E Report (Current Owner Search) with Taxes and Copies
  2. All-in-One Tax/Title Dashboard with optional Township/Demolition/Code/Water/Sewer and Bankruptcy result integration with Grading
  3. Township Search for Unrecorded Liens with Demolition check
  4. Bankruptcy Search for 1st Liens
  5. Title Exam (Page-by-page review for defects)
  6. Tax Sale and Redemption Research
  7. Title Curative with Title Claim Support Automation, Negotiation, Gap Assign prep, TPOL Retrieval
  8. UCC Secretary of State Search

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