Commercial Title Search Services and Title Review

What is Commercial Real Estate?

Commercial real estate is property that is used for business purposes and has the potential to generate a profit. Some examples of commercial real estate include hotels, retail spaces, restaurants, apartment complexes and office buildings.

Title Searches on Commercial Real Estate

A commercial title search can be conducted on a commercial property for any given period of time. This would include a Current Owner Search, a Two Owner Search or a 30+ Year Search. Just like with a residential search, the report would include the deed(s) to show ownership, mortgages, judgments and liens, as well as the property tax status. In addition, easements, rights of way, leases and CCRs which occur during the required timeframe are also provided.

Why Choose Us?

ProTitleUSA gets involved in many commercial projects spanning across endless industries. A major part of our business is due diligence on commercial asset purchases with tax/title analysis in the form of dashboard and/or API interface. We were involved in projects for pipeline companies in the oil and gas industry, as well as The Boring Company's City of Chicago Tunnel Project. We research mobile parks, timeshares, churches, cell tower site development, lease renewal projects, wire line installation projects for Verizon FIOS, solar installations, charging stations for electric cars, and many more.

Our Popular Services

  • Commercial O&E Report: a title search that provides tax, assessment, deed into the current owner, mortgages, judgments, liens, rights of way, easements, leases and restrictions which affect the property.
  • All-in-One Tax & Title Dashboard: 50 point QC check which consolidates a vast number of item checks into a single spreadsheet. Some of the items reviewed are mortgage position verification, chain of title defects, assignment break flags, tax status with total payoff, and lien sorting based on preferred criteria. 
  • Township Search for Unrecorded Liens with Demolition Check: a search for municipal liens and demolition orders which are not recorded in public land records.
  • Bankruptcy Search for 1st Position Liens: an in-depth Bankruptcy Search which includes a multitude of information such as the bankruptcy search overall score, proof of claim review, monthly payment review and verification if the subject property is included in the bankruptcy.
  • Title Exam: a page-by-page review for over 240 sub-categories of title defects.
  • UCC Secretary of State Search: a search conducted on a specific name or entity for UCCs filed at the state level.
Title Search on Commercial Real Estate Assets
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