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ProTitleUSA is compliant with the latest published Fannie Mae guidelines on title research pricing for foreclosures nationwide. In fact, many attorney firms servicing Fannie and Freddie use ProTitleUSA services. Bankruptcy attorneys use our services to evaluate the assets under bankruptcy both for individual bankruptcies as well as complex corporate bankruptcy cases. Home Insurance Adjusters use ProTitleUSA to verify the payment schedule on major home claims. Title Insurance Claim Representatives use our services to provide a 3rd party title search review for filed claims, servicing Fidelity National, Old Republic, WFG, AmTrust and others.

  1. Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac compliant nationwide foreclosure title search and updates
  2. Bankruptcy Search for 1st Liens
  3. Re-branded reports
  4. Data port through API or Excel for pre-filing of foreclosure forms
  5. Limited Title Insurance (covering foreclosure refiling for missed judgment/lien holders)

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