Title Curative with Prior Lien Releases and HOA Estoppels

Title Claim Support Automation, Negotiation, Gap Assign Prep, TPOL Retrieval

ProTitleUSA has a separate curative department that was created for curing title defects. ProTitleUSA can identify and cure the defects at the same time, if title insurance is not required. When title commitments are needed or title insurance is required, our partner title company will issue exceptions to the title policy (identifying the title defects) while ProTitleUSA will cure the defects. ProTitleUSA has been working with a number of servicers to help cure, as well as negotiate, the payoff for title liens against the property.

Title Curative actions can be simple or complex, and range in time required to cure the defect. For more information about the fees, time-frame, and what happens when we work on curing a defect, please contact our office.

Common Defects with Title Requiring Curative Action:

  • Prior Lien:
    1. Payoff requests
    2. Prior lien servicer or note holder search
    3. Paid prior lien release service
  • Finding Assignment Breaks
    1. Preparing and recording a Gap Assignment
  • Municipal, City, Environmental, County, Utility Liens
    1. Lien Negotiation
    2. Payoff, compliance and inspection coordination
  • IRS, Federal, DoJ, State Tax Liens
    1. Negotiation, payoff and release preparation
    2. Early release of the IRS's Right of Redemption
  • SBA Loans
    1. Obtain release of SBA’s 1 year right of redemption
  • Lien Negotiation Services
    1. Flat fee approach (per lien or per statement of work budget)
    2. % of savings of face value invoicing
  • Deed in Lieu and Short-Sale Support:
    1. Negotiate junior judgments and prepare release
    2. Negotiate liens and prepare release
    3. HOA search and payoff negotiation
    4. Water/Sewer/Utility search and negotiation
  • Strict Foreclosure Support:
    1. Attorneys in NY / VT / NJ / CT to handle strict foreclosure
  • Tax Liens, Tax Certificates, Tax Forfeitures, Tax Deeds
    1. Redemption after tax sales
    2. Negotiation and payoff
  • HOA, COA and Mechanics Liens
    1. Negotiate release or payment
    2. Payoff and release preparation
  • Title Claims
    1. Missed mortgage, lien or judgment
    2. Wrong legal description
    3. Unrecorded deed or mortgage
    4. LOI from underwriter
  • Automated Status, Monitoring & Reporting:
    1. Client's account per order
    2. Exact status on each lien through account
    3. Spreadsheet Reporting
  • TPOL (Existing) Retrieval
    1. Find missing TPOL in the collateral through a waterfall of contacts approach

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