Alex Goldovsky

Alex Goldovsky


CEO & President of ProTitleUSA,


and One Diligence, LLC


Boca Raton, FL

Southampton, PA


In the early 2000s, Alex was a marketing manager and program manager for Fortune 500 firms. This didn’t satisfy his drive to do more, so he began to invest in Pennsylvania real estate with his wife as a side job. Alex used a vendor for title searches but was never content with the subpar quality of the reports that were provided to him. He decided that with his already substantial knowledge in the real estate world, he would make the leap into starting his own title company.

It was at this point that ProTitleUSA was born and would soon become one of the fastest growing private companies in the nation, known for its high-quality title searches and state-of-the-art technological features. Over the last couple of years, Alex acquired DocSolutionUSA and founded one Diligence, LLC. He is a published author, educator and a highly sought-after speaker at real estate seminars, radio stations and workshops. Alex has a Bachelor of Science from Temple University and master's degree from Lehigh University. He holds nine US patents.


Alex splits his time between Florida and Pennsylvania with his wife and their three children. When he’s able to find some spare time, he enjoys travelling with his family and is an avid chess player.




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