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Do you offer products specific for HELOCs?

Yes! ProTitleUSA offers a unique product line that includes the title search and title search wrapper insurance for the amount of the loan originated. Additionally, we can provide an AVM product with additional insurance wrapper covering 10% variance on the value of the property. For some of the HELOC originators, they can originate the loan with title search, flood, credit and AVM with wrapper insurance for under $150.00 per loan.

We can typically offer a fixed rate for the HELOC-specific title report and post-recording update. We also type out legal descriptions and serve as the trustee in deed of trust states. For renovation loans, we support title updates for each performed lender inspection. In many cases, our clients ask us to run reports in four business hours or less as an Expedite Service which we can do in 50% of cases.

The information may be available over API with custom approval grading for the loan on borrower approval.

How much does a title report for renovation loans, hard money loans, business loans and loan underwriters cost?

The base price for an O&E report varies from as little as $55.95 to upwards of $275 depending on the location of the property. We can offer a fixed nationwide fee for originators, which will be around $85.00 flat, or lower depending on the states of origination. Please contact us for pricing to add additional services such as:

  • Full legal description typing
  • ProTitleUSA as trustee in deed of trust states
  • Scheduled updates to check for recording and liens
  • Virtual Underwriter (approval based on custom criteria)
  • Limited Insurance Wrapper for each loan
  • AVM with Insurance Wrapper
Title Search and Underwriting for HELOCs
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