Portfolio Underwriting

Next generation due diligence systems and workflows are going away from traditional and time consuming excel reviews and more into data analytics and automatic data crunching systems from various sources such as title, BPOs, data tape and collateral review. Learning algorithms are being implemented to help analyze large amounts of data in the shortest time. ProTitleUSA has created a leading edge Portfolio Dashboard Analysis and Executive Summary Report to reduce underwriting time by 75% on large portfolios.

ProTitleUSA is on the edge of technological innovation. We are the first to the market with integration of Tax and Title Dashboard, Title Exam, Asset Grading and Data Analytics over API on an asset-by-asset basis. The same data analysis that you are accustomed to seeing in the excel spreadsheet with local, state and federal title rules is now available over API. Many clients have already started integrating our new API dashboard into their workflows.

This system will speed up:
  • ⚬ Portfolio tax and title analysis and underwriting
  • ⚬ Document preparation (assignments and related documents)
  • ⚬ Assign Asset Level Grading for securitization purposes
  • ⚬ Automation of title claims filings on any prior to subject mortgage liens
  • ⚬ Use the date to assign defect groups for curative action (scratch and dent)
  • ⚬ 2nd lien analytics
  • ⚬ Reverse Mortgage defect review on post-close or pre-Claim 22 HUD assignment

Portfolio Analysis Dashboard features downloadable individual PDF reports from summary spreadsheet.

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