All-in-One Tax & Title Dashboard with Title Exam

with Optional Township/Demolition/Code/Water/Sewer

and Bankruptcy Result Integration with Grading

Tax & Title Dashboard is available at no additional cost to clients with bulk orders of 20 assets or more in a single order. Client must email ProTitleUSA a request for the dashboard with assets in a spreadsheet containing principle loan amount, borrower name(s), origination date of the mortgage and loan number. In the case of non-mortgage assets, ProTitleUSA must have the type of asset mentioned in the spreadsheet. Additionally, the client may choose extra services to be integrated within the same dashboard:

  • Township Search for Unrecorded Liens with Demolition Check
  • Bankruptcy Search for 1st Liens
  • Title Exam (page-by-page review for defects)
  • Tax Sale and Redemption Research
  • Water/Sewer Balance and Payoff Search

Standard Dashboard will include:
  • 50 point QC check against data tape and title results
  • Mortgage position verification
  • Chain of title review for title defects
  • Lien sorting before and after the origination date of subject mortgage
  • Lien sorting based on Statute of Limitation (SOL)
  • Lien sorting for liens that would survive foreclosure
  • Assignment break flags
  • Tax status and total payoff
  • HOA super lien states and lien amounts
  • Non-mortgage lien foreclosures (HOA, Junior, Prior, etc.)
  • Data tape integrity check
  • Data in excel for assignment preparation and recording data upload

For bulk assets of less than 20, the dashboard is also available at an additional fee.

Please contact us for a demo on how other additional services will fit into a single dashboard, portfolio underwriting and analysis of data.

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