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Reverse Mortgage tax and title is one of our specialties. We provide the title work for Claim 22 Reverse Mortgage Assignments to HUD, running diligence that's specific for reverse mortgage servicers. We can conduct a HUD-specific Title Exam and Curative Review with an issue-remedy report generation.

  1. Reverse Mortgage Specific Title Search
  2. Reverse Mortgage Title Exam with Defect Flags
  3. Township Search for Unrecorded Liens with Demolition Check
  4. Reverse Mortgage Claim 22 HUD Assignment Review and Package Assembly
  5. Nationwide Document Prep and Recording
  6. Title Curative with Title Claim Support Automation, Negotiation, Gap Assign Prep, TPOL Retrieval
  7. TPOL Exceptions Review and Correlation to Title Results

Servicer Products for Assignment to HUD
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