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Title Companies, Originators, Nationwide Refinance, Modification, Closing

Many of our clients are title companies that use our services for issuance of title insurance on closing or refinance transactions. We service many national title companies as well as specific states. We have received no claims to date since the existence of the company which speaks for the quality of our product. Each search goes through triple-quality control before the client sees the file. We also serve as an approval arm for originators before they approve a borrower for a loan. Our flexible system allows each client to have unique requirements based on their underwriting guidelines with respect to search depth or copy requirements. We also offer an Attorney Certification for NC, SC and LA used for refinance and closing.

How does a title search company do business with us?

ProTitleUSA can be seamlessly used through a third party loan origination system that the title company already uses. ProTitleUSA is integrated with common systems like Resware and Qualia Marketplace. Additionally, we can send the report directly to a title company or agent with a typed legal description and/or typed commitment.

Does ProTitleUSA offer free consultations?

While we recommend reading “Bulletproof Title Due Diligence: Protecting Your Investments” to cover all of the basic questions, investors and clients call us every day for recommendations on services and/or confirmation that the client understands the report correctly to make a wise investment decision.

Our Title Search Products:

  1. O&E Report (Current Owner Search) with Taxes and Copies
  2. Two Owner (Foreclosure Search) with Taxes and Copies
  3. 30 Year Search with Taxes and Copies
  4. Full State Statute Search (Nationwide) with Taxes and Copies
  5. Attorney Certification (available in NC, SC, and LA)
  6. Update Search with Taxes and Copies
  7. O&E Insured Search
  8. Commercial O&E Report (Current Owner Search) with Taxes and Copies
  9. Commercial Full State Statute Search (Nationwide) with Taxes and Copies
  10. Document Retrieval
  11. Probate Search
Title Companies
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