Preliminary Title Reports in California

What is an O&E Report?

While a preliminary title report can be ordered for properties nationwide, they're most frequently requested from ProTitleUSA for California properties. No matter what state the property is in, a preliminary title report will contain key points that are related to the history of a property's title.

What Exactly is a Preliminary Title Report?

A preliminary title search is a comprehensive report that outlines ownership, liens and encumbrances related to a specific property. This is a non-insurable product so it cannot be used at closing. For it to be an insurable product, a title commitment would have to be issued.

What is included in a Preliminary Title Report?

  1. The estate or interest covered;
  2. The record owner of the estate or interest;
  3. The parcel of land involved;
  4. The expectations, liens, and encumbrances which may affect the land at the date and time of the report.

What is the cost of a Preliminary Title Report?

You may contact us by email at for a quote. Please provide the full property address with your request.

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