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New York can be a tricky area to search. Multiple jurisdictions collect property taxes, unrecorded liens for water, sewer, ECB and DOB can pile up, and revamped foreclosure laws can threaten investments. ProTitleUSA makes sure all bases are covered by offering custom solutions. In addition to our standard title searches in New York, we have developed the following additional services.

  • NY Tax Certificates: Some counties, cities, towns, schools and villages that collect taxes are only available via tax certificate. We order the tax certificate directly from the collecting entity in these cases to verify the tax status. 
  • NY Metro ECB and Water Balance Review: We check for ECB (Environmental Control Board) and DOB (Department of Building) violations as well as provide the water balance on the property.
  • NY Mortgage Enforceability Review (Anti-Engel and Kessler): ProTitleUSA will locate the client’s subject mortgage in the county records. All Lis Pendens and Lis Pendens filing dates, prior foreclosure actions, will be pulled. All docket copies on prior cases are pulled, as well as all release copies, to validate the language of case dismissal. If the release document does not give a clear reference on the de-acceleration of the debt, the last five motions and orders on the prior case will be searched and pulled for any borrower argument(s) and the judge’s order to reinstate the mortgage. Lis Pendens filing dates will be delivered on the excel dashboard with copies available in a single PDF. The dashboard will also include grading, enforceability exam comments, and statute of limitation clock calculated. The product is available with or without NY attorney opinion, pay history (payments made after default to confirm the debt), collateral review (for unrecorded modifications and borrower agreements), and bankruptcy review (plan review for borrower debt enforceability) at an extra cost.
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