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Many economists project that the Refinance and Purchase Money Mortgage Volume will be down next year by over 25-35%. At the same time, HELOC demand will still remain strong. Many lenders, funds and private institutions are looking for a competitive edge to attract borrowers with better fees, rate and turntime. HELOC and Home Improvement lenders have a solid solution for appraisal automation through AVM, Credit reporting and Home Ownership verification. Meanwhile the title search and insurance aspects would slow down approval process.

ProTitleUSA has developed a customized approval technology for the borrower based on the lender's rules (through ProTitleUSA Virtual Underwriter) with insurance wrapper for portfolio HELOC loans <$250,000.00 on the nationwide basis. We are able to run a title search nationwide, type the legal for HELOC Doc Prep, title examine the file and generate borrower approval with exceptions to the lender in under 3-4 days for 98% of the county. ProTitleUSA can also serve as Trustee on newly generated HELOCs for trustee states, instead of the lender or another 3rd party.

Additionally, though partnerships we are capable of offering solutions for HELOC loans: Property Insurance Certificates through Master HELOC Insurance Policy, Jr HELOC ALTA Policy, Full HELOC ALTA Policy, Insured Title Search through Errors and Omissions Insurance.

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HELOC Product Offering - ProTitleUSA

Veronica Sones is our client relations manager and would like to help bring you on board to the ProTitleUSA family.

She can be reached at veronicas@protitleusa.com and is available to answer any questions you may have. Email her today to set up an introductory conference call!

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