Limited Title Insurance Wrapper per Search

  • ProTitleUSA offers a Property Plus Insurance on top of each title search at an extra cost. This is primarily used for HELOC Lenders, Originators and Hard Money Lenders in lieu of the Lender's Title Insurance to save money.
  • This program is utilized by financial institutions of all types and sizes to mitigate the risks of an inaccurate or deficient property search and valuation information delivered by mortgage service providers.
  • The Insurance Wrapper sits behind the reps and warrants language in ProTitleUSA’s contract with their client. The Property Report Service Agreement is a section of ProTitleUSA's contract that defines the scope of coverage, transferability, and loss benefit calculation utilized in the program.
  • The insurance program is structured to provide the owner of the loan (before or after transfer) access to insurance protection in the unlikely event that the servicer is no longer in existence.
  • The insurance wrapper has a 120 month claim reporting period starting from the loan origination date. This is a single premium program so coverage is not dependent on any post-origination premium collection.
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