Title Examination (page-by-page review for defects)

Title Examination combines the review of the title search results with page-by-page copy review of the search package. The goal behind the Title Examination is to verify that the mortgage the client is buying is enforceable. For REO properties, the Title Exam reviews liens that survived the foreclosure, as well as possible defendant-servicing issues. For Reverse Mortgage title examination, specific aspects of the reverse mortgages are reviewed for errors and enforceability.

    Title Examination (Underwriting) service includes:
  • Page by page review of each file
  • Enforceability of the mortgage
  • Assignment break validation
  • Legal description review and comparison across all related documents
  • Mortgage origination defects
  • 240 sub-categories of title defects, including;
    • a. Verification of each lien capable of foreclosing out of position
    • b. Title defects on mortgage related documents and enforceability of the mortgage
    • c. Verification of open tax certificates by calling the treasurer to confirm if redeemed
    • d. Re-verification and confirmation of lien types on the dashboard
    • e. Redemption issue verification (calling jurisdictions for payoff or confirmation if the lien is redeemed, ex. Certificate of Municipal Sale in NJ)
    • f. Legal description review and comparison across all documents
    • g. Assignment chain review
    • h. Grading the risk of open liens in reference to subject mortgage
    • i. Legal verification across all documents:
      • ▹Multiple parcels on the subject mortgage requiring revision
      • ▹Mortgage legal does not match the vesting deed
      • ▹Mortgage and assignment legal description does not match
      • ▹Sell-off deeds are not mentioned as "Less and Except" on future legal description
      • ▹Error in legal reference: Deed, Plat B/P, Parcel

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