Collateral Management

Title policy review compares the mortgagee's title policy against ProTitleUSA's search to ensure:

  • Mortgagee's policy is complete and correct. If it is incomplete, the missing jacket or schedules need to be requested.
  • Prior liens and judgments have been released or have expired by statute of limitations. If prior judgments and liens exist, a title claim should be filed.
  • Everyone who owned the property when the security instrument was signed also executed the security instrument. If a party did not sign, a title claim should be filed.
  • Mortgagee's title policy schedules correctly identify the security instrument's insurance amount, insured, legal description and description of security instrument. If it does not, the endorsement should be requested.

What does Title Policy and Note Review entail?

ProTitleUSA will verify the title policy and note for all possible defects by cross referencing information obtained from the recorded mortgage(s). Automated Endorsement Requests and Replacement Title Policy Requests are also available with this service.

Can an existing title policy as well as a title policy replacement be retrieved?

Yes! ProTitleUSA will coordinate between the client and a title company to obtain a title policy or title policy replacement.

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